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The only compliance solution with an AI Copilot. Ushering in the new era of GRC.

Trustero uses powerful patented AI trained in information security and compliance to collect and map evidence, answer security questionnaires, scan your environment for issues, give tailored security advice, and much more. 

Introducing AI Questionnaire Copilot

You are Invited to never answer another security questionnaire

If you've ever had to answer a security questionnaire to win new business, start a partnership or keep a customer, you know it's no fun. We've had executives, salespeople, and infosec managers tell us it takes them up to 30 hours per month.

That's not okay. So we solved it with AI. And then we made it free. 

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Companies around the world are automating their compliance programs with Trustero

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Introducing AI Questionnaire Copilot

Questionnaire Copilot can automatically read and answer security questionnaires for you while you are on a coffee break. Start for free today.

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Compliance AI 2024 Progress Report 

In our latest webinar, our product leaders walked through our core AI toolset and gave a progress report on our mission to automate as much of compliance as possible. 

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Trustero Won Best Support

In their latest report, awarded Trustero their Best Support award in the Security Compliance Category. Trustero also won 3 High Performer Awards. 


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Audit Scan

The first AI Copilot for security and compliance

Trustero’s GRC Copilot uses AI trained in information security and compliance to mimic the actions of human auditors. It automatically provides a comprehensive view into an organization’s security posture long before they are finally audited by the human auditors who issue their report(s).

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One Platform. Any Framework

The most effective solution for multi-framework compliance

Each control is mapped to multiple applicable security frameworks, giving your team true scalability and efficiency. For example, when you finish your SOC 2 Type 2, you’ll have made significant progress towards ISO27001 certification. Trustero supports every major framework. 

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Monitor compliance from one dashboard

The Continuous Compliance Dashboard gives you an up-to-date view of your audit readiness across your company. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not, so you can keep on track and remain in compliance.

Intelligent controls to optimize and automate

110 pre-packaged business controls with 45 default controls mapped to SOC 2 trust services criteria. Trustero automatically tests your controls’ evidence and sends alerts with remediation instructions when out of compliance.


Customizable policies + pre-built templates

If you don’t have policies in place, Trustero provides editable policy templates. A library of 33 pre-packaged policies and customizable policy templates shorten the time to audit-ready.

"Trustero is an absolute game changer in the compliance industry."

Their sleek and user-friendly interface, easy-to-use templates, and reports are second to none. I have been through multiple SOC audits throughout my career and partnering with Trustero is the smartest decision I have made.

Dave O’Rourke, COO Aspen Technologies Group


What our customers say about Trustero

"What we were looking for was someone who could give us a level of assurance around closing our gaps and supporting us all the way through… My reflection, as we’re about to start the audit window is there were gaps as we knew, but actually, Trustero has been extremely helpful in closing those in an expedient manner."

“We chose Trustero to help us get to and automate SOC 2 compliance. As we work through our list of policies and controls for the first time, Tailored Guidance has been instrumental in guiding our efforts and suggesting appropriate content, saving us valuable time and effort.

Trustero’s application is easy to use, helped us efficiently document and track our compliance efforts, and streamlined the process of demonstrating compliance to our auditors. In addition, the team at Trustero are experts in the field and their knowledge and support were invaluable in helping us navigate the certification process.

"Using their CaaS platform, we were "audit-ready" faster than we expected and are now fully prepared for a successful SOC 2  report. The Customer Success and GRC teams helped us with questions and support throughout the entire process, we expect smooth sailing from here!"

Why do I need AI for compliance and GRC?

Are you still waiting for AI to actually make your life easier? This is your chance. Getting compliant with one framework like SOC 2 is still incredibly difficult, let alone stacking multiple frameworks. This is why there are 40+ solutions that look a lot like Trustero helping companies get there. The difference is that Trustero is the only solution that was built to leverage the power of Large Language Models to automate the most complicated and time-consuming tasks on the path to compliance. The convergence of AI and Compliance lets us automate things like: 

  • Evidence collection plus automatic evidence mapping to controls and policies
  • Instant Report Scanning and Report Writing
  • AI guidance to meet every control requirement tailored to your specific scenario
  • Recommending tactics to help you solve compliance gaps
  • And lots more...

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