Demo Compliance AI

Compliance AI uses the power of Large Language Models to get you to your goals faster, cheaper, and with more automation than readiness tools.

In your demo, you learn about:

  • Automatic evidence mapping is unique to Trustero and will save you 100s of hours each audit period
  • What it means to have truly continuous compliance, where you prepare once and then simply renew your certification each year.
  • How Compliance AI automatically completes large chunks of your compliance work.


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Controls you can commit to 

Trustero can provide the controls you need for this framework and the next. If you already have , upload them and the platform links them to policies and suggests evidence you'll need for your audit.

Streamlined, automated evidence 

Configure receptors to access your cloud services via read-only API and they will grab exactly the evidence you need, excluding what you don’t want, posting it to corresponding controls and keep it up to date.

Clear guidance fills the gaps

Natural Language Processing in the platform’s backend deciphers difficult regulatory language and shows what other companies have used to satisfy requirements before.