About us

Trustero Compliance as a Service delivers a state of continuous compliance.  It does so by automating a Trust Graph connecting a SaaS business’s operational procedures to compliance requirements on a continual basis, ensuring compliance.  Through NLP and generative models, the Trustero compliance automation solution provides the visibility you need to gain actionable insights into your SaaS infrastructure and operations.  These help your business increase trust and confidence in your customers and partners.

The Trustero compliance automation solution was created by software and compliance industry veterans recognized for both innovation and expertise. We understand the challenges fast-growing companies face, including the investment in time and effort needed to maintain strong security and compliance postures.

Our Leadership Team


Phil Liu

Founder & CEO

A pioneer of innovative technologies, Phillip Liu is Trustero’s Chief Executive Officer. He is instrumental in forging Trustero’s vision and creating Compliance AI software that is changing how businesses will approach SOC 2 and other compliance audits.

Until an acquisition by Splunk, Phillip served as CTO and co-founder of SignalFx. He also has tenure as a software architect at Facebook, where he led the development of Facebook’s Infrastructure as a Service platform and several key, web-scale application management solutions.

Phillip was named a Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard and served as Chief Architect at Opsware, now sold as HP Server Automation software. He is an expert in distributed systems and has led development teams at Marimba, TCSI, and TRW Financial Systems.


Nick Martin

Vice President of Products

Nick is a technical product leader with business and consumer products experience in startup and enterprise organizations. Nick focuses on delivering the right solution at the right time by understanding customer needs, ensuring an aligned product vision, and prioritizing to ensure maximum ROI.

Before Trustero, Nick was in product and engineering leadership roles in infrastructure, cloud, and continuous delivery at Nike. While at Nike, he led teams that delivered solutions that accelerated the company’s adoption of cloud computing services and increased software delivery velocity and quality.

Nick has also served as an advisor to multiple venture-backed SaaS startups.


Scott Knupfer

Vice President of Operations & Go To Market

Scott Knupfer is Trustero’s VP of Go To Market. He drives Trustero’s Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, and Client Support functions..

Scott is an innovative leader with a rich mix of sales and operating expertise across F1000 companies and start-ups. He has a unique ability to get into the head and heart of prospects and customers helping drive strong sales and account strategies creating a force multiplying effect on revenue and balanced account growth plans.

Prior to Trustero, he worked as an SVP of Sales and Customer Experience for a market leader in the Marketing Platform as a Service space, where he led all Sales and Customer Experience activities focused mainly on Auto Manufacturers and Auto Dealerships globally.

MJ Headshot-1

MJ Raber

Head of GRC

MJ is a strategic leader with an innovative mindset focused on empowering Trustero clients to attain third-party stamps of approval within the compliance space while managing operational risks to their business, in the most streamlined and efficient process to save our clients time and resources. MJ’s previous experience in compliance ranges from urgent care hospitals and airports to mostly smaller to midsize SaaS companies providing services to highly regulated national and international companies.

Michael Head Shot (black and white)-1

Michael Eggerling

Head of Marketing

As Trustero's head of Marketing, Michael is responsible for developing and telling the Trustero story. He's passionate about customers and has always felt most connected and capable while he is hearing their stories. Michael is skilled at distilling complex solutions into their simplest and most compelling parts and building narratives around them. 

Before joining Trustero, Michael built his marketing playbook at major enterprises including Microsoft, Edelman, and CDK Global as well as startups in the SaaS space. 

Our Investors

Our SOC 2 Compliance

We’re pleased with the validation that our SOC 2 certification provides and the confidence it gives our customers to use our Compliance as a Service platform. Taking this extra step is just one more way to show that we take stringent measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our customer’s data and will continue to invest in our security controls