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Meet Ero

The first AI Co-Pilot for Security and Compliance

Ero is capable of performing a complete digital audit of an organization's environment before a SOC 2 audit begins. With Ero, companies should expect a pristine SOC 2 report with few or zero exceptions.

Powered by LLMs tuned for reliable expertise in information security, Ero analyzes, interprets, and acts upon vast amounts of GRC data and then provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their security posture and regulatory environment before they’re audited. 

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Maximum Visibility 

Start and Finish with Ero Audit Scan

Ero kicks off your compliance process by scanning your environment and flagging issues so you can focus only on what is needed and maximize your time spent on compliance. 

When you are ready to check in or nearing an audit, perform a scan to check progress or ensure that you will receive the best possible report. 


Ace Your Report

Ero Provides GRC Expertise on Gaps and Next Steps

Ero uses AI trained in information security and compliance to mimic the actions of human auditors and provide a comprehensive view of your security posture long before you are audited by the human auditors who issue your report(s). Ero will tell you exactly what to do to grom from red to green on every control and ace your audit report. 

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Download the Ero White Paper

The team at Trustero put this white paper together to give compliance and security pros a detailed look at how Ero works and what it can do for organizations, whether they are starting their compliance journey or making a change. 

Use the form below to download your copy and leave us some feedback at 

One Platform, Multiple Frameworks

Trustero is the most effective solution for multi-framework compliance

Each control is mapped to multiple applicable security frameworks, giving your team true scalability and efficiency. For example, when you finish your SOC 2 Type 2, you’ll have made significant progress towards ISO27001 certification.


Rapid Audit Readiness

The features of Trustero CaaS can get your company audit-ready in half the time of other offerings.


Complete Audit Success

Obtain a successful SOC 2 audit report from a Trustero CaaS-trained AICPA-certified auditor.


Foundation for the Future

Achieve ongoing compliance and enhanced business processes while supporting new frameworks.