What Is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is the identification, assessment, mitigation, and reporting on the vulnerabilities across a company’s information systems, including all critical data. Different elements have different levels of vulnerability. You therefore need careful, comprehensive assessment of your entire environment to understand and minimize its so-called “attack surface.” You also need effective, comprehensive, consistent vulnerability management to achieve and sustain SOC 2 compliance.

How Trustero Can Help

Trustero Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is cloud-based, easy-to-use compliance automation software. It is designed to simplify SOC 2 audit readiness and enable continuous compliance. The Trustero solution includes auditor-approved controls and auditor-vetted templates for your business policies. You can use these as they are, or add to, modify, or replace them. This means you can align your policies and chosen controls with your vulnerability management needs and business goals.

Trustero CaaS also continuously monitors your technology infrastructure. It can automatically notify administrators and managers when vulnerabilities and other compliance-threatening events arise. Trustero Compliance as a Service can also recommend remediation steps. In addition, it lets administrators easily switch between views of individual audits and a consolidated “continuous compliance” view of your entire environment. This can help administrators quickly isolate vulnerabilities and prioritize and pursue effective resolutions.

To support continuous compliance with SOC 2 and consistent vulnerability management, Trustero Compliance as a Service also reports on the compliance status of your environment regularly or on demand. These reporting features can enhance your ability to avoid, manage, and minimize the impacts of cybersecurity threats and other vulnerabilities.

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