Special Offer: Available Sept 6-8  Trustero + Prescient Assurance SaaStr Special (not limited to SaaStr attendees)

We want this to be our biggest SaaStr ever for helping organizations go from scoping to compliance faster and easier. So, we teamed up with our certified audit partner Prescient Assurance to create one of the strongest offers we've ever had.

Certified Audit Partner

Prescient Assurance

When your security auditor and your compliance automation platform are connected, great things happen -- like getting from start to compliant faster and easier. That's why we teamed up with Prescient Assurance.

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Trustero + Prescient Assurance

Compliance Assurance Package: Everything You Need From Scoping to Audit

The fast and seamless path to continuous compliance, the Assurance Package combines the power of the Trustero platform with Compliance AI and the infosec expertise of the leader in security audits, Prescient Assurance.
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The Power of Compliance AI + Trustero Concierge Support and Service

From building your SOC 2 report, to Tailored Guidance, AI removes the labor and guesswork and our team of GRC experts guides you to your goal. 

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One Fixed Price and Everything in One Platform

We never charge for extra seats or features. Package Includes auditor workflows and tools so you can keep all work in one app.

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Examination and Report from a Trusted and Experienced Auditor

Prescient Assurance: the leader for security testing and compliance certifications for SaaS.

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True End to End Partnership

From scoping to certification and beyond, Trustero and Prescient Assurance usher you to your goal.

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Powerful Continuous Compliance Features

Connected Risk Register, AI Report Scan, Auditor Approved Controls and Policies, and much more.

Achieve Continuous Compliance

Step off the readiness treadmill with Trustero and Prescient Assurance

Annual readiness is a trap. No one wants to start over on SOC 2 every year! Continuous Compliance is the goal and on your own, it’s not easy. You’ll need strong foundations: policies, controls, and automated evidence gathering, all easily accessible to auditors and built with the end in mind. Trustero + Prescient Assurance give organizations years of efficient, reliable, continuous trust.

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About Prescient Assurance

Most CPA accounting firms providing SOC 2 audits today lack expert knowledge in cyber security testing and the latest cloud computing stack.

Prescient Assurance solves this knowledge gap by bringing together an audit team with extensive cloud-native technologies and modern application security architecture experience. We have audited and pen-tested server-less architectures and micro-services based applications and APIs. We are a 24/7 security assurance company. Learn more at: www.prescientassurance.com

Trustero and Partners Path to Compliance