Compliance AI

Active Compliance Automation

Trustero guides you every step of the way into active compliance automation, using AI to support your specific SOC 2, ISO27001, and other Frameworks policies and controls.

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One Platform, Multiple Frameworks

The most effective solution for multi-framework compliance

Each control is mapped to multiple applicable security frameworks, giving your team true scalability and efficiency. For example, when you finish your SOC 2 Type 2, you’ll have made significant progress towards ISO27001 certification.

Use AI to Handle Compliance Better

Trustero Active Compliance Automation: A unique, modern approach to compliance for SaaS


Compliance AI

Trained to guide you through the most complicated scenarios, Compliance AI ensures that you are completely prepared for your audit by identifying gaps, helping you fix them, and much more. 



Compliance in a language you can understand. No technical speak. Our pre-built policy and control content is detailed yet understandable, offering the most direct route to compliance.



Prepare once and get your report(s) year after year with minimal effort. Compliance Assurance Package gets you from scoping to report and includes audit services from our certified partners. 



The Active Compliance platform supports your unique needs with custom modules including frameworks, policies, integrations, and controls with automatic evidence gathering. 


Auditor Tools

Trustero includes tools to support auditor workflows so you can keep all your work in one app as well as powerful tools that will help you ace your audit like SOC 2 readiness in a pro format report. 


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Ero Audit Scan

The First AI Co-Pilot for Security and Compliance

Trustero’s GRC co-pilot, Ero, uses AI trained in information security and compliance to mimic the actions of human auditors. It automatically provides a comprehensive view into an organization’s security posture long before they are finally audited by the human auditors who issue their report(s).

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Risk and Compliance Dashboard

Monitor Risk and Compliance From One Dashboard

The Continuous Compliance Dashboard gives you an up-to-date view of your audit readiness across your company. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not, so you can keep on track and remain in compliance.

Multi-Framework Compliance

Drive to Several Frameworks Simultaneously

Trustero is the most effective platform for multi-framework compliance. Each control is mapped to multiple applicable security frameworks, giving your team true scalability and efficiency. For example, when you finish your SOC 2 Type 2, you’ll have made significant progress towards ISO27001 certification.

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HubSpot Video

Tailored Guidance

AI Crushes the Hard Questions

Compliance requires reading and responding to very difficult writing. AI is great at summarizing, finding differences, and suggesting next steps. 

Tailored guidance provides AI-powered instructions on how you should operationalize abstract “control language,” given your existing tools and policies.

Trustero Golden Content

Modular, Reusable Content

Starting a compliance program from scratch is hard. But with Trustero, it’s an advantage. Our Golden Content gives you pre-written, auditor-approved content for each framework you want to address.

When you take on another framework, such as PCI/DSS or ISO 27001, the Golden Content requires only the smallest additional modules, reusing as much content as possible between frameworks.

Content like this costs thousands all by itself.

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Intelligent Controls

Evidence Auto-Mapped

Trustero is the only compliance platform using AI to automatically map evidence to specific controls, policies, and frameworks so you don't have to.

110 pre-packaged business controls with 45 default controls mapped to SOC 2 trust services criteria. Trustero automatically tests your controls’ evidence and sends alerts with remediation instructions when out of compliance.

SOC 2 Report Scanner

Instant Analysis of SOC 2 Reports

Report Scanner can take a 100+ page report and produce a one-page summary that highlights the most important information. It tells you if it’s qualified (didn’t pass) or if there are exceptions or deviations on control tests (those are bad). It provides basic information about the firm, the age of the report and tells you which of the trust service criteria the company achieved.

Report Scanner is now available to everyone, for free!

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Active Compliance Automation

The path to audit readiness, examination and certification can be easy with Trustero continuous compliance. Trustero uses a simple and consistent mental model to take the confusion out of compliance and let you comply with any framework today or in the future.

Instead of creating everything from scratch, begin with existing templates and an ongoing trust report. Save hundreds of hours preparing for audits by automating hundreds of compliance tasks. Your controls and policies are in force every day of the year.

The Trustero Trust Graph™ and Trust Report

Trustero’s Trust Graph™ connects your SaaS organization’s resources to form a compliance stance relative to frameworks and security questionnaires.

The Trust Report contains information drawn from the Trust Graph on how your SaaS business complies with a Framework or security questionnaire.