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The shortest path
to compliance for SaaS businesses

Using modern technology and Large Language Models to assure continuous compliance

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Trustero guides you every step of the way into continuous compliance, using AI to support your specific SOC 2, ISO27001 and other Frameworks policies and controls 


A unique, modern, approach to compliance for SaaS

The Power of AI

Our algorithm analyzes your environment and makes suggestions unique to your use case

  • Automatically wires large portions of a SOC 2 report*
  • Evaluates incoming SOC 2 reports 
  • Creates Trust Graph edges
  • Maps your existing SOC 2 efforts to Continuous Compliance
  • Suggestions to help you gather manual compliance evidence
  • Recommendations to help you resolve compliance gaps
  • Inform you how auditors will test you
  • One control set mapped to many Frameworks



Language you can understand. No compliance-speak

  • Unified view of business controls
  • Step-by-step automated compliance plan
  • Outlines and  identifies your risk
  • Trustero guides you to compliance acceptance
  • System description essay templates
  • Trustero Trust Graph™
  • Trustero Trust Report
  • Best practices policy templates

End-to-end Compliance Journey

Our SaaS service includes Trustero’s Compliance
Assurance Service

  • Automatic evidence gathering
  • Automatically associate specific evidence to the right controls
  • Work with auditors to ensure hands-free and successful examination
  • Continuous control testing




Don't fit the mold? The Platform supports your unique needs

  • Handle custom Frameworks
  • Automate evidence transfer via Trustero API
  • Connect your own integrations to gather evidence from any service you need
  • Custom policies
  • Import your controls and Trustero AI will guide you to satisfy them

Tools for Auditors

Trustero includes features to support auditor workflows, so you can keep all work in one app

  • Document Request List lets an auditor request evidence, team members post it and handle feedback, and Trustero CaaS links it to controls
  • Multiple audit periods for any date range or point in time
  • Serves as your GRC system of record
  • More than readiness checks, use True Evidence™ that stands up to auditor scrutiny 
  • Golden Control set ready to handle one framework then the next
  • Export your documents out of the system any time 
  • Preview your SOC 2 readiness in a pro forma version of the report
  • One auditor can manage multiple clients within one app

Compliance as a service

The path to audit readiness, examination and certification can be easy with Trustero continuous compliance. Trustero uses a simple and consistent mental model to take the confusion out of compliance and let you comply with any framework today or in the future.

Instead of creating everything from scratch, begin with existing templates and an ongoing trust report. Save hundreds of hours preparing for audits by automating hundreds of compliance tasks. Your controls and policies are in force every day of the year.

The Trustero Trust Graph™ and Trust Report

Trustero’s Trust Graph™ connects your SaaS organization’s resources to form a compliance stance relative to frameworks and security questionnaires.

The Trust Report contains information drawn from the Trust Graph on how your SaaS business complies with a Framework or security questionnaire.