trustero labs v2-2

SOC 2 Report Scan

Powered by Compliance AI

  • Instantly review incoming SOC 2 Reports and return a summary view
  • Check the health of your SOC 2 report
  • Scan multiple SOC 2 reports simultaneously
  • Scan new SOC 2 reports before they are finalized

Report Scan is a free early access solution from Trustero. We recently decoupled it from our main platform so that it could help everyone!

Report Scan saves security pros hours by automatically reviewing 100+ page SOC 2 reports and returning the important details so they don't have to.

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SOC 2 Report Scanner

One Platform, Multiple Frameworks

Trustero is the most effective solution for multi-framework compliance

Each control is mapped to multiple applicable security frameworks, giving your team true scalability and efficiency. For example, when you finish your SOC 2 Type 2, you’ll have made significant progress towards ISO27001 certification.


Rapid Audit Readiness

The features of Trustero CaaS can get your company audit-ready in half the time of other offerings.


Complete Audit Success

Obtain a successful SOC 2 audit report from a Trustero CaaS-trained AICPA-certified auditor.


Foundation for the Future

Achieve ongoing compliance and enhanced business processes while supporting new frameworks.