Get audit-ready, conduct your exam and get a report from Trustero

If you’re part of a startup, you know you face many of the same challenges as your larger and more established counterparts. And you also know that, unlike those other companies, you must address these challenges with fewer resources than they have.

SOC 2 compliance is one such challenge. Startups need to prove they are trustworthy and able to protect private and proprietary information, as well as larger companies. In fact, many need to demonstrate adequate data protections before larger companies will even consider doing business with them.

Trustero now offers you the SOC 2 compliance help you need at a price you can afford: Trustero Compliance as a Service for Startups.

This “all-in-one” package combines the Trustero Compliance as a Service platform with everything a startup needs to get and stay compliant with SOC 2. And “everything” includes a complete SOC 2 compliance report by a certified, experienced auditor.

Trustero Compliance as a Service for Startups: A Closer Look

Trustero Compliance as a Service is innovative, easy-to-use, cloud-based compliance automation software. It includes multiple features designed to ease and speed SOC 2 compliance and to enable companies to achieve and sustain continuous compliance. Examples include auditor-vetted, customizable controls and policy templates and AI-powered automations. You can read about the latest enhancements to Trustero Compliance as a Service here.

Trustero Compliance as a Service for Startups includes a one-year subscription to the Trustero solution. The new offering also includes “White Glove” support from the Trustero Customer Support team. From onboarding to that all-important SOC 2 compliance report, the Trustero team will answer questions and help quickly and effectively throughout your compliance journey.

The package also includes access to a Trustero auditor partner trained on the platform and experienced in working with startups. The combination of the software features and the training and experience of the auditor will get you to a completed report in less than half the time of other approaches. And at $19,995, Trustero Compliance as a Service for Startups is less expensive than what many firms charge for an audit alone.

To learn more about Trustero Compliance as a Service for Startups, contact [email protected] Let Trustero help your startup get compliant with SOC 2 and stay that way, quickly, easily, and affordably.