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Trying to get a SOC 2 and keep moving? Need to finalize your Information Security Management System (ISMS) for ISO 27001? Trying to setup compliance efforts so you know what you need and determined to be ready for another audit year after year?

Trustero can help, we have Solutions for every size SaaS company, from Start-up to Enterprise.

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SOC 2 Certification

The SOC 2 framework is maintained by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to help companies take seriously most modern issues of governance, cybersecurity, and confidentiality.

The SOC 2 is a successor to the enormously popular SOC 1 standard for financial accountability. There are three types of SOC 2 report. The “Type 1” report shows that you have the right plans. The “Type 2” report shows that you have good plans and that you have consistently enforced them for a certain time period, often 6 months or a year. The “Type 2+” report covers SOC 2 and another standard at the same time. Additionally, the SOC 3 report represents material from the SOC 2 for a public audience.

A SOC 2 report essentially requires that your company has sensible policies addressing a number of required topic area (“criteria” in SOC 2 parlance), has controls to give the policies teeth, and has evidence that all the controls have been enforced consistently in respect to all your IT infrastructure (such as AWS and HR tools).

Trustero lets you hit the ground running by explaining exactly what you need to do, providing ready-to-use templates for policies and Section 3 documents about your business and trusted vendors, integrating with your infrastructure to automate evidence collection year-round, and helping you manage the work of refining your documents and giving your auditor what they need to write a report.

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ISO 27001 Certification

The International Standards Organization is a world leader in technical standards, such as those use in electrical engineering. Their 27001 standard, most recently updated for 2022, covers how your company systematically manages information security, via an “Information Security Management System” (ISMS), which is an administrative system of checks and balances ensuring that you have good plans and are implementing them consistently.

The requirements of ISO 27001 are very similar in form to SOC 2, but different in content. Trustero’s unique template policies and controls cover all ISO 27001 objectives as efficiently as possible. These policies and controls are also calibrated for easy reuse as you expand to more compliance frameworks over time. Trustero’s platform, people, and auditor partnerships will help you go from nothing to certified as easily as possible.

Continuous Compliance

Many companies struggle to pass a single audit, but leave no scaffolding behind to handle the next one. Trustero offers a contemporary cloud-based tool with AI and automations to structure your ongoing compliance efforts.

Continuous Compliance helps you

  • Make prep for your next audit a matter of day-to-day operations
  • Defend daily against the fundamental risks that compliance frameworks are trying to help you address
  • Answer security questions with hard evidence any day of the week
  • Establish a compliance culture that considers relevant controls in any business decision easily and efficiently, rather than at the eleventh hour

Trustero lets you build for continuous compliance and also focus on each specific audit, with audit-switching features that let you name the audit, set its dates, and choose which controls and policies matter for that specific time period, auditor, and framework. Build a broad compliance program and tightly manage a specific audit.



Find and fix faults easily


Automate evidence collection


Make compliance part of your operations

Compliance Assurance Package

Want to cut through red tape with a sure shot? We wanted to assure SaaS providers that they can get a certification, so we have offered a Compliance Assurance package that includes platform access, support, and an auditor who will get you across the finish line. This is a unique package in the industry and will help you quickly while also setting the foundation for ongoing strength in all things compliance.

Trustero offers

  1. A contemporary cloud-based platform specifically designed for this work, where you can put all your documents, track your progress, and get things done in a digital work environment familiar to your whole team. The platform includes AI recommendations, explainers to keep your path clearly marked, and integrations that gather evidence so don’t have to.

  2. Concierge service and support from our top tier customer success team, including consultations with our in-house compliance experts.

  3. Audit examination, report or certification by a reputable auditor partner that knows the platform and wants you to win.

The entire Assurance Package includes platform, support, and an auditor who will help get you complete this project and score a win for you and your business. End to End Compliance provided to any size SaaS company.


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Propel Data helps product companies launch their next-generation customer-facing analytics products in record time. We hired the Trustero team to partner with us on our SOC 2 journey. In using the Trustero CaaS platform we were ‘audit-ready’ faster than we expected and are now fully prepared for a successful SOC 2 examination and report.

- Tyler Wells, CTO, Propel Data
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