SOC 2 Compliance: 6 Steps to a Perfect Audit with Trustero

A SOC 2 audit can take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Here are six steps you can take to maximize the likelihood of passing that audit successfully and begin moving toward the multiple business benefits of continuous compliance with Trustero.
1) Establish Scope
2) Develop and Capture Policies
3) Align Policies
4) Identify and Capture Evidence
5) Test Your Evidence
6) Document and Track Progress

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Everything Compliance Video Series

Trustero Video: Everything Compliance with Bert Friedman of Nearside

This episode of Trustero’s Everything Compliance podcast features Bert Friedman, Head of Compliance at business banking startup Nearside (formerly known as Hatch). Bert has also served as Chief Compliance Officer for financial technology (FinTech) company Deserve, and Vice President of Compliance for the Financial Intelligence Unit of Chicago’s Community Choice Financial, Inc.

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SOC 2 Compliance: How to Choose an Auditor

Your business needs to achieve and sustain compliance with SOC 2 to maximize trustworthiness and business prospects. And you cannot achieve or sustain SOC 2 compliance without an auditor. This article will provide specific questions you should ask and the answers you should look for when choosing your auditor.

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